Month: July 2017

19 Jul

Useful Linux Tips

#Replace all occurrence of City with Town in every txt file within the current directory.
$sed -i 's/City/Town/g' *.txt

Using vim editor, replace foo with bar from line 23 to 30

19 Jul

Useful git commands

#remove files only from local, not from git
$git rm -r --cached myfolder/

#reset back to the head
$git reset --hard my_branch

#make a branch same as master
$git checkout -B new master

#Delete local branch
$git branch -d branch_name

#push a new local branch to remote
$git push -u origin my_branch

#ignore file mode change
$git config core.fileMode false

19 Jul

Useful PostgreSQL Queries and Commands

Connecting as root
$sudo -u postgres psql

Connect to database server:
$psql --username=myusername --host=localhost --password

Select a database with name mydatabase:
myusername=>\c mydatabase;

List all tables:

Get table structure:
myusername=>\d+ my_table;

Take a dump
$pg_dump --username=myusername --host=localhost --password mydatabase > db.sql

Import a database
$psql --username=myusername --host=localhost --password mydatabase < db.sql

5 Jul

Multi Level Product Category (Product Subcategory) in WHMCS

By default in WHMCS, only one level product categories are possible. Assume that you have a category
US and another Category Spain. And under US you have another category California Items
and Under Spain you have another category named Madrid Items.

Then currently you have to create two categories named California Items and Madrid Items as two categories. Then you can add products under California Items and Madrid Items. But there is no way to add subcategory in WHMCS. We developed a module, which allow to add a parent category and then number of child category to it.Anybody looking for such a module, please contact.