Month: October 2023

6 Oct

WHMCS Addon Modules

WHMCS has a lot of features, that’s enough for running many firms. But still there will be custom features required bu each companies. WHMCS addon modules are useful for developing custom features in your WHMCS.

If you are going to develop an addon module named My Addon, then create a folder named
my_addon in the whmcs folder modules/addons.

Then inside the my_addon folder, you have to create a file named my_addon.php
also in the same folder you can create hook file with name hooks.php

For each addon module, you can use it to display some data in the admin area and also in the client area.

So in the admin area, there will be a page for each addon. That can be used to display some data,
You can display some forms to do CRUD etc. For the admin area features, in the file my_addon.php you have to define a function named my_addon_output($vars).

For each addon module, there will be a client area page too. The function used to display something on the client area page is my_addon_clientarea($vars)

An example addon module code can be found in WHMCS Addon Module Git Hub repository.

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