Is Single Page Checkout Possible With WHMCS?

16 Nov

Is Single Page Checkout Possible With WHMCS?

In WHMCS, when you try to order for a product.Assume that you are a logged in customer.How many steps are there now?

1)First you have to go to products display page.
Url will be http://[]/cart.php

2)If you click on “Order Now” Button of a Hosting product, You will be taken to a product configuration page. Url will be: http://[]/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=[x]

3)Then on clicking “Continue” You will be taken to a Review & Checkout Page.

4)On clicking Checkout Button, you will be taken to payment method selection page.

5)After selecting payment, you can click on the ‘Complete Order’ Button. That will place an order.

So total 5 steps are there.

Is it possible to do it in a single step? In other words, is one page checkout possible in WHMCS? Yes, it is possible. We have to use a hook for the purpose. In addition to that we have to make some changes for the template.

The hook should have some ajax post code. Sample code is below. The code will add the product to the cart before submitting the order form.

     $.post('cart.php', 'ajax=1&a=confproduct&' +
         function(data) {
           if (!data) {

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