WHMCS Customisation

16 Jun

WHMCS Customisation

WHMCS customisation can be done to add custom features to the WHMCS based on your requirement.
Custom features can be added using WHMCS addons, hooks and by modifying templates etc. WHMCS Hooks are powerful to add almost any custom features in to your WHMCS.

WHMCS Addons

WHMCS addons or WHMCS addon modules are just like WordPress  plugins. You can create a module that do some specific feature and then just upload to a predefined folder in WHMCS.

WHMCS Addon module should be uploaded to the modules/addons folder of you WHMCS. Then you can activate or deactivate it from WHMCS admin area.

When the addon module is activate, the custom feature will be available, if you deactivate it the feature won’t be available.

Contact Us For WHMCS Customization

If you would like to customize your WHMCS,  Please contact us.
Click here and fill the form, and we will get back to you.

Benefits from customizing WHMCS

By default WHMCS comes with templates that might not be matching with your brand’s colors. So you can customize your WHMCS template and order forms to match with your brand colors and that will give customers a better impression.

Also you can customize WHMCS order flow using some hooks and addons and you can add cool features that will improve the conversion. For eg: you can create links for adding multiple products to cart when customer click on a link that you send via mail. Features like that can be done with the help of Hooks.

Challenges with WHMCS Customization

There are challenges for Customizing WHMCS. First of all, WHMCS code is encrypted and so customization is possible, but not everything can be done.

Second thing, if we add some customization code to order form templates or system templates, it might be overwritten when we upgrade WHMCS later, so we have to redo those customization after WHMCS updates. But there are tricks that can be used to avoid rewriting the entire customization to an extend.

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