WHMCS Hooks Priority

20 Mar

WHMCS Hooks Priority

WHMCS Hooks are a nice way to write custom code.

We can add hook functions to a php file (File name can be anything, let’s assume our file name as test.php) and it should be uploaded to the folder /includes/hooks.

All WHMCS hooks are listed in the page https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/hook-index/.

Now let’s explain WHMCS hooks priority. We can add custom code to be executed on every WHMCS client area page to the below hook.

add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { 
    // 1 is the priority value
    echo "From priority value 1<br>";

In the above hook code, we added code to be executed on the client area page as

 echo "From priority value 1<br>";

We can add same hook functions many times.
Let’s add another ClientAreaPage hook as shown below.

add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 2, function($vars) { 
     //2 is the priority value
     echo "From priority value 2<br>";

So the first ClientAreaPage hook has priority 1, second hook as priority 2.
So we will get the below out put.

From priority value 1
From priority value 2

Hook with priority value 1 is executed first,then hook with priority value 2 is executed.

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